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Nutrition Counseling In Toledo Ohio

Consutl with patient and NancyThe goal of functional nutrition is to optimize wellness. We use whole-food nutrition and targeted supplements to reverse chronic illness.

The food you take in effects every system in your body. Nutritional deficiencies can impact your function and well-being even if they don’t show up on blood tests. Nancy can identify what nutrients you are lacking. She can also investigate which foods may be irritating your system.

Whole Foods for Whole Health

Nancy will never recommend a standard or fad diet. She looks at each person’s health history and current scientific research before giving any advice.

Nancy will set up a personalized nutritional protocol. Then she’ll give you all the resources and education needed to follow through.

At A Balanced Approach Nutrition we believe using medicine to cover up symptoms doesn’t make sense. We need to restore the body to balance. A band-aid approach to health is never the answer!

Nutritional Supplements and Packaged Discounts

Nutritional supplements might be recommended. A Balanced Approach Nutrition seeks out the highest-quality supplements possible. Our supplements are in alignment with what your body would take in through real food.

We know that regaining your health can be costly – that is why we offer cost savings to our patients with packaged discounts on functional nutrition services.

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Nutrition Counseling Toledo Ohio | A Balanced Approach Nutrition
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