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Cholesterol and Diabetes Management
in Toledo Ohio

Manage Your Cholesterol and Diabetes with Nutritional Care

Nancy checking man's blood pressureDo you dread going to the doctor because you don’t want to be lectured about your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar or your weight? Have you been prescribed a medication to reduce your lipids or to manage diabetes or hypertension? Why is your doctor so worried about these metabolic issues? Because they are risk factors for developing heart disease which is the leading cause of death in the United States for both genders and all ethnic groups.

Hope For Better Health

Many individuals do not fully understand that poor dietary and lifestyle choices can stimulate inflammation or weight issues which can result in diabetes and heart disease. If you are exhausted from trying to change “your numbers” by yourself just remember you are not alone! Find hope with A Balanced Approach Nutrition, because together we can make the changes you need.

A New Model of Care

Cholesterol isn’t the only level we look at to determine heart health. In fact it isn’t as important as newer tests like LDL particle number or oxidized LDL or enzymes that evaluate whether or not a vascular blockage is forming. Our practice utilizes the most comprehensive test available to determine your personal cardiovascular and metabolic (diabetic) risk factors.

Another tool we use in our office is the Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) which is a computer based monitor that evaluates your heart’s reaction to stressors with a specialized microphone placed over the 4 heart valves. Specific dietary and lifestyle changes are then outlined for each abnormal lab value and / or for irregularities on the HSR graph. Supplements like Omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins or CoQ10 are then recommended to further support your heart and metabolism. If necessary, we will refer you to holistic cardiologist.

Get Healthier Today

Your body has the ability to reverse and prevent further damage from the effects of heart disease or diabetes. With functional nutrition, Nancy can give you a strategy to get your health back. You can change your numbers and start feeling better!

Let your body thrive in the way it was designed! Contact our office to schedule your appointment.

Cholesterol and Diabetes Management Toledo Ohio| A Balanced Approach Nutrition
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