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Brain Health in Toledo Ohio

Improve Your Brain Health with Functional Nutrition

Nancy standing by supplementsIf there’s a single truth about all of us, it’s that we are getting older every day. We can’t stop the process of aging. But we can slow or prevent cognitive decay and memory loss; in fact there is now evidence that these devastating conditions can even be reversed.

Our brains our extremely resilient, but many risk factors are involved in how vulnerable you will be to dementia as the years go by. Certain dietary habits, such as a daily intake of colorful organic fresh fruits and vegetables with a generous amount of healthy fats have long been known to support brain health. Exercise, proper sleep and brain engaging activities (learning a new language, playing an instrument, crossword puzzles) keep us sharp into old age. Genetics and other less obvious nutrient factors must also be considered if you or a loved one is experiencing memory loss. Nancy’s interest in cognitive health was sparked by her own mother’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease. She is currently seeking certification in this area.

How fast will you age? Take a quick assessment with the anti-aging algorithm designed to give you a general idea of where you can change lifestyle factors and begin aging backwards!

With functional nutrition, Nancy can further help you reverse or slow these signs of aging by determining hidden factors like heavy metals or imbalanced hormones that might be negatively impacting your brain. A hair analysis, salivary hormone assessment or other nutrient testing may be necessary. By supporting detoxification and then by adding the correct building blocks brain function can be improved.

With nutritional counseling, Nancy can help you . The correct building blocks can support and improve brain function.

Go Beyond Brain Nutrition for A Fuller Life

Good brain nutrition is a great start to helping you live and age the best and healthiest way possible. But at A Balanced Approach Nutrition, we offer even more.

Supplementing a whole-foods diet with other lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on how you age – both physically and mentally. Nancy will empower you with the resources you need to keep your body feeling young.

There is a lot of life in you! Support it the best you can in Toledo. Make your appointment today!

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